Starting My Blog

     Hello blogging word. The world of which I decided to join today. Currently I have no idea how to blog, I just barely made it threw the customizing process. In the future I hope to post entertaining stories that I’ve written or maybe just some funny stories about my dog.
I write stories day in and day out. Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Horror, you name it and I can probably write it (no guarantee it’ll be any good though). You could give me a name, a place, a genera, and a circumstance and I can write a story about it. Writing is my passion, the one thing I love to do and never grow tired of.
Blogging seemed kind of weird to me at first but a lot of authors have blogs and I find myself reading more and more of them. I figured I write so much I can probably manage writing a blog right? Well I guess that remains to be seen.
But hey if you like books you might enjoy mine. I could even take ideas and write books about them if you want. Or you know I could post pictures of my dog for all you dog lovers out there. Either way I’m excited to see how this goes. Here have a picture of my dog for listening to me ramble on about nothing.


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