The Other Night

The Other Night
By. S. F. Wheeler

The other night I was sitting home alone when my dog suddenly started to growl. Thinking she wanted to go outside I went to open the door and she began to cry.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked the quivering dog. She ran off to the bedroom so I sat back on the couch and flicked threw some lame channels until she returned and lid at my feet.

“Are you better now?” I asked. She sighed in the way only a dog can sigh and put her head on my foot. Just moments later she began to growl again. This time I pet her head until she skittishly leaped onto the couch and tried to bury her face behind my back. This was extremely odd behavior because she wasn’t allowed on the couch and had never once broken that rule.

“Bella what is it? What’s wrong?” I asked slightly panicked.

She stopped everything and turned to the back door with her ears pinned back as she growled.

“Seriously what is it?” I asked making my way to the back door.

I flipped the light switch then remembered that back light had gone out the night before. So instead I used the torch light on my cell phone and shined it onto the back step. Nothing but fresh powdery snow.

“There’s nothing there Bell.” I said turning back to her. But out of the corner of my eye I noticed something in the yard. So I shined my light into the yard and noticed foot prints in the new snow. Curious and alarmed, I put on my boots and went to the edge of my patio then leaned over the rail to see more foot prints. The same footprints circling my entire house multiple times.

Since I lived alone and had no close neighbours I was fairly creeped out. I locked the door behind me then ran to lock my front door as well when i realized Bella was missing.

“Bella!” I called as I searched every room in the small apartment. It wasn’t like her to run away or anything like that. “Bella!”

A small yelping bark sent me flying for the basement. I was positive I had closed the door yet there it was wide open. I flipped the light switch and ran down the stairs to see my dog on top of the deep freeze. She sat there and steered at me unblinking.

“How on earth did you get up there?” I asked her. She continued to steer at me. No, not at me… she was steering just slightly over my shoulder.

With a chill running down my spine I slowly turned around. Then… the lights went out. I fumbled for Bell and ran back up the stairs with her in my arms, locking the basement door behind us and proceeding to my car.

I dropped the keys trying to unlock the door like every scared girl in a horror movie, then snatched them back up as Bella began to growl again.

I turned around but nothing was there, no one was around at all.

“Bella stop that you’re scaring me.” I said turning back to the car to see a man in the drivers seat tilting his head and licking his lips as he watched me with glowing red eyes. With a scream I dropped the keys and stumbled backward on the slippery ice.

“Hey are you alright over there young miss?” one of my neighbours from down the road called up to me. He must have heard my scream.

“Man in-in the-the- car.” I stuttered almost every word.

My neighbor made his way to me and peeked threw the frosted over window. “No one in there.” he said to me. “You sure you’re alright?”

“But I-” I had no words. I got up to inspect the car and no one was there.

But then Bell growled again.

I looked into the car, still empty.

She continued to growl.

“Bell there’s nothing-” I stopped when I seen what she was growling at. In the reflection of the window I could see myself, Bella, and the man with glowing red eyes that was sitting in my car just moments ago. I turned to my neighbor who was smiling brightly, then back to his refection as he grimaced at me with pointed teeth and glowing eyes.

The End

Up until the running to the car part this actually happened. But instead of running to my car I took bell and locked my bedroom door then hid under the blankets like a baby for awhile. The lights blowing wasn’t that weird either because we had put the wrong bulbs in so they blew pretty quick. I still don’t know what bell was growling at or how she got downstairs when she didn’t even know we had a downstairs but my friend’s mom thinks it’s a ghost. On the bright side she said my new house wasn’t haunted… it was just following me. Oh wait what about the footprints? Honestly one set wouldn’t have bothered me much maybe someone cut threw my yard or something but there were at least three clear circles around my house. The only other weird thing I’ve noticed was doors opening when I leave the room. Maybe I’m just going crazy who knows.

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