Rocky Road

I just found one of my old poems I wrote for school, so many memories. I was too shy to read it out loud so a friend did it for me. Can’t believe I still have this sitting on my old laptop.

Rocky Road
By. S. F. Wheeler

I walk along the rocky road,

To where I go, I do not know.
I watch the gentle floating snow.
The people I have met now gone.
I had all the time but now I go.

The path before me stretches on.
I see by sun that now is dawn.
I continue walking, the sun goes down.
By now my time has almost gone.

I see the moon and see his frown.
He’s always watching, steering down.
My quest will soon be finished now.
As I think the thought I also frown.

The end is near, I feel it now.
The trail is almost gone, but how.
The time flew by, and all ends now.
The end is here… I know… but how.

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