Thank You

Thank You

I never knew getting a single like on something I wrote could feel so amazing. Watching the views on my posts go up is great but seeing that real people like the things I’ve written is beyond wonderful.

The positive comments are fantastic and super motivational, I really didn’t think having a random stranger say my writing was good would be so heartwarming. It really gives me that extra push I needed to keep writing more.

It’s not discouraging when my posts don’t get attention but it is encouraging beyond words when I know people like the things I do. I really hope some day I can get one of my books published and become a fully fledged author, but for now I’m just grateful that people are enjoying my short stories.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my stories, and extra thanks to anyone who gave feedback on them. I really appreciate hearing from you and getting your opinions on my work.

I hope you keep reading my stories and I really hope you like them. So Thank You for the encouragement.

Thanks From, S. F. Wheeler

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