10 Reasons to Visit Newfoundland

10 Reasons to Visit Newfoundland

10 reasons to visit Newfoundland, that tiny odd shaped island on the edge of Canada.

  1. We have dogs the size of horses and horses the size of dogs.
    Left is a NL pony, right is a NL dog (Photo taken from google images)
  2. We have our own ‘Newfi’ dictionary because no one can understand us.
    (Photo taken from google images)
  3. We named a town Dildo
    Yeah it’s real. Why? I don’t know. (Photo taken from google images)
  4. We’re far too nice to strangers. No place to stay? That’s cool I got a house and here have fifty dollars for the trouble.
  5. St. John’s was named one of the windiest cities in the world. 100 km/h winds is barely anything to us.
  6. We have a ceremony called ‘screeching in’ that makes anyone an honorary Newfi. (but you have to kiss a fish)
  7. It’s common to open your door in winter and have to dig yourself out.
    (Photo taken from google images)
  8. It’s also common to see moose walking around in the country, the city, on the highways, in your backyard.
    And they get a police escort down the main street. (Photo taken from google images)
  9. If it’s not foggy, snowing, raining, or extremely windy, it’s a great place for sight seeing.20150718_164615
    The occasional hot sunny day is beautiful (photo by me)
  10. And my favorite, one minute it could be ten degrees and sunny, the next it’s minus 20 and a full on blizzard.
    Normal winter evening in my yard (Photo by me)

    Despite all that Newfoundland is a really cool place and I love it here, but at times I wish the weather was nicer… basically all the time I wish that. Especially this week when I was out in a tank top two days ago and a snow suit today.
    If you do plan to visit though I suggest coming in June to August when we have nice weather.

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