In This World (ch 2)

In This World (ch 2)

Chapter 2 of In This World By. S. F. Wheeler

     “You alright down there mate?

Im being kidnapped by a dragon on my birthday yeah Im perfectly fine, just what I wanted. I spat sarcastically.

Sorry about that. Were almost there though. he said.

Almost where? I asked.

Drac món. he said with an accent I couldn’t place.

What does that mean?

Dragon world. he said That was Catalan I was speaking, the true language of the dragon.

Ive never even heard of it.

Its an old language and not many speak it these days Look there it is. he said pointing a claw down at what looked like a mountain in the clouds.

Thats dragon world? Just looks like a mountain to me. I said unimpressed.

Wait till we get down there. he said.

     “You have done well, Jason. an old woman in black said when we landed. Welcome Miss Farwin. We are honored to have you. she bowed.

I was taken by force and I dont plan on staying. I said turning to leave.

I wouldn’t go that way if I were you. Jason, the dragon guy that kidnapped me said.

And why not? I shouted. I found out why when I took my next step and my foot didn’t hit the ground. I fell off the extremely large mountain and into the clouds that surrounded it. Oddly enough the top of the mountain was above the clouds while the edges and below were submerged in the fluffy whiteness of the clouds.

Ive got ya. Jason said wrapping his dragon hand around me just before I hit the side of the mountain.

I would have preferred to fall. I grumbled as he put me down.

Ombra drac, what is bothering you. the old woman asked me.

What is bothering me is that this thing I gestured to Jason. just kidnapped me on my birthday and now Im stuck on a floating mountain!

Ombra drac, I am very sorry but you must come with us before your iniciació starts. the woman said.

Every dragon starts their iniciació on their eighteenth birthday. Thats why I had to bring you here today. Jason said, shifting back to his human form with ease.

Iniciació is your initiation into the dragon world. the woman said.

My initiation into the dragon world? Im not a dragon! I shouted, stomping off into the cobblestone city. Everything was cobblestone here and giant trees loomed over the few buildings. I could faintly see a castle in the background and wondered if I had traveled back in time. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Ombra drac! the woman called. I dont know what it means but obviously she thinks I should.

Casey you cant wonder off. Jason said.

How do you know my name? I shouted, spinning to face him.

Its my gift. All dragons have gifts. Mine is mind reading and yours is…”

Electricity. we said together.

Here. he said taking my hands. I tried to pull away but couldn’t. He snapped the rubber bands on my wrists and I watched them fall to my feet. My fingers started to tingle then a spark shot from my hand to his and he reeled back with a yelp.

Im glad you think thats funny. he said.

I didn’t even laugh. I protested.

I read your mind, you think this is hilarious and the perfect payback for dragging you here. he said rubbing his hand.

Ombra drac, the woman said coming over. We can teach you to use your power. You have a one and only gift, no other dragon posses it.

What does ombra drac mean? I asked.

Shadow dragon. Jason said. Youre the shadow dragon, the only dragon able to harness lightening. Shadow is for the dark black color of lightening clouds and obviously dragon is because youre a dragon.

No Im not. I dont turn into a dragon. I said, suddenly feeling dizzy. I swayed for a moment then shook my head to clear it, just like in the arena.

The initiation is starting! the womans voice echoed through my head.

     “Casey can you hear me? Jason was saying. I looked around but it hurt my head, I was somehow on the ground now.

Dont fight it. Just go with it. Jason said. I looked around to find him but I couldn’t see him. The woman was to my left with a worried look on her face. I managed to sit up and seen that Jason was holding me.

Dont stand up. he said Just relax.

Shes not ready master Jason, she wont make it. the woman said.

Shush Edna. She can make it. Jason said waving the woman away.

     “Jason just give up, shes gone. a strange voice said.

Bite your tong Mildred. Jasons voice floated into my thoughts.

Jason. Her heart has stopped, shes gone. the voice said.

Shes fine! Jason cried. Si us plau retorni. Vosté ha de tornar. he whispered into my ear. Please come back. You have to come back. he translated.

I tried to speak but nothing came out. Im ok. I thought, hoping he could still read my mind.

Sh-shes okay! Jason shouted.

Jason look at that monitor, her heart isnt beating. Shes gone. Mildred said.

No, no she isnt. She just told me she was okay. Casey think again. he said.

Where am I? I thought.

Youre in the infirmary. You are going to be fine. Can you move or talk or feel anything?

I tried to move, No. I thought.

Thats okay Ill get the doctor. he said getting up from where he was. I thought I felt my hand get cold but then there was nothing. Everything was black with no feeling.

Shes okay? Edna said moving into the room.

She can think. Jason said. Im talking to her through her thoughts. My hand felt warm again and I tried to move it. Hey! Hey I felt her hand move. Jason said excitedly.

Well you would know since your hand has been glued to hers for the past three days. Mildred said bitterly.

Now is not the time Mildred, please leave. Edna said.

Shell be okay right. Jason said.

I cannot be sure. Her heart isnt beating but you say you can still read her thoughts?


Then ask her what she feels. Edna said.

Only your hand, Jason. I thought.

She can feel my hand. he said. But nothing else.

Take her other hand. Edna said.

I can feel that hand now but not the other one. I thought.

She can feel this hand but the other one lost feeling when I let go.” Jason said.

Strange. Edna said. Can you fell this, dear?

Feel what. I thought.

No she cant. Jason said.

Like the sleeping beauty story.

Story? Jason said confused.

A book. You wouldnt know about them. Sleeping beauty was a story about a princess who was put under a sleeping spell and only a kiss from a prince could wake her. Edna said.


So, prince charming, kiss her. Edna said with a little laugh.

Will that really work? I thought.

I dont know. Jason said. “I never heard of the story.”

What did she say? Edna asked.

Will it work?

Its worth a try isnt it?

What do you think? Jason asked.

Not like I have a choice in the matter. Anythings worth a try. I thought.

I felt tingling but I couldnt move.

She can feel but she cant move. Jason said.

If she recovers then she might still be able to fulfill her mission. The war has started, we need her now more than ever, she is the only one who can save us from all this destruction.

Then the world went dark.

     I woke to a blinding light and tried to open my eyes. I think the light was one of those doctor lights they have hanging from the ceiling.

She’s awake! Her eyes are open!” Someone yelled. I sat up and looked around the infirmary like room. I heard running foot steps, then the doors swung open and Jason and Edna came running in.

The one time I leave and she wakes up.” Jason muttered to himself.

Where am I?” I asked.

I don’t understand.” Edna said. “Is the heart monitor working?”

It’s working.” the doctor said.

But…” Jason looked at me confused. I looked at the heart monitor and seen a flat line. I looked down at myself and back up at Jason and Edna.

My heart’s not beating.” I said.

She’s also not aging.” The doctor said. “I believe this is the dragon’s way of immortality. Only Drake had this gift.”

So I’ll be eighteen forever?” I said.

I think so.” The doctor said.

What happened?” I asked.

Don’t you remember?” Edna asked.

No.” I said.

What do you remember?” Jason asked.

I was at home. I just won the fights. Then I was at Tyler’s house for my birthday surprise. Then… then… a… a dragon. There was a dragon and it brought me here.” I said.

That dragon was me.” Jason said.

You’re a dragon?” I asked.

We’ll fill her in then bring her to the dragon dome until she changes. We should do this quickly I don’t know how long we have until her initiation starts again.” Edna said.

Initiation?” I asked.

I’ll explain on the way.” Jason said taking my hand and running down the hall.

“What’s this?” I asked seeing a giant glass dome in the courtyard. it looked big enough to fit a thousand train cars in.

The dragon dome.” Jason said.

So you say its to protect and contain us when we start the initiation and turn into a dragon.” I repeated what he told me earlier. I could remember everything from earlier now. My initiation started and I almost died. Or I did die I’m still not sure.

Yeah. You wont be in there for long and it’s not that bad. I can sit by the door and keep you company.” Jason said.

Thanks. Will the change hurt?” I asked.

No.” Jason said. “It might feel weird and your muscles might hurt a bit but its not that bad.”

Alright. I guess I don’t have a choice now do I.” I said entering the door to the dome. Jason closed the door behind me and sat outside it.

I feel really trapped in here.” I said.

Yeah most people do.” Jason said. “It could be ten minutes or five hours to your change.” Jason said.

Oh great. Well since I was kidnapped and then died for three days then came back to life and got stuck in this cage can I at least call Tyler or my mother to let them know I’m okay?” I asked.

I’m sorry. You cant. We’re not allowed to see our old life again. After the initiation we can never have contact with our families.” Jason said with watery eyes.

I take it you miss your family.” I said.

I do. Very much. But I can’t see them again.” Jason said.

Why not?” I asked.

It’s the rules. Humans cant see us as dragons, they cant know of us after we change so they have to think we died or mysteriously vanished.” Jason said.

Mysteriously vanished? Do you know a TJ Chafe?” I asked.

Yes why?” Jason asked.

That’s Tyler’s dad. He vanished a year ago. Tyler thinks he’s dead. He probably thinks I’m dead now. Oh poor Tyler. He’s lost so much, I have to go back Jason.” I said hitting the door of the dome. “I have to.”

You cant.” Jason said.

I haven’t changed yet and I need to tell him.” I said angry now. “I cant let him think we’re all dead.”

I…I cant let you out. I’m sorry but I cant.” Jason said. I yelled at the dome and smashed my fist against it over and over until my fist wasn’t a fist. It was scaly and black with long sharp claws. I looked back at myself and seen I was a black dragon. I had beautiful wings and a long tail with a blade at the end. I sliced my tail across the dome and heard an ear shattering screech. It left behind a big gash. I yelled, or roared, then lightening shot out around me.

Casey! Calm down.” Jason shouted. I roared at him letting a chain of lightening stream from my mouth. I jumped into the air and flapped my wings, then flew straight for the dome top.

     It shattered around me and I flew through the sky with lightening speed. I sliced threw the clouds and found the direction of Millwick. I soared at the bottom of the clouds so I was able to see the ground but the people couldn’t see me.

Casey!” Jason roared. I moved deeper into the think clouds and soared silently around. I could here Jason flying past me and when I was sure he was gone I headed back in Millwick’s direction. I could here Jason’s distant calling as it got quieter and quieter. I flew faster until the ground below was rushing past at impossible speeds. Then I seen it. Millwick.

I slowed down and scanned the town until I found Tyler’s house. I flew down toward it then I was hit by Jason and we tumbled threw the sky, crashing into a clearing in the woods.

What are you doing?” Jason shouted at me.

Telling Tyler I’m okay and his parents are too.” I said storming off toward Tyler’s house.

No your not!” Jason said. “You cant.”

And who’s going to stop me?” I shouted. “You?”

Yes.” Jason said.

Then go right ahead and try.” I said. Jason leaped at me and I sent lightening sparking out in all directions. He fell back with a cry and turned to his human form. I left him shaking on the ground and went to Tyler’s house. I flew into the big broken window and scratched at his door.

Damn it. Not again.” I heard Tyler say from the next room.

It’s me Tyler. I’m okay and so is your dad.” I said.

Leave dragon.” Tyler said pointing his sword at me.

It’s me.” I said.

I’m not afraid of your roars stupid creature. You bring Casey back here or you die.” Tyler said. “Leave now!”

Tyler? You cant understand me can you?” I said just as Tyler’s sword sliced my leg. I pulled back with a whimper and looked at Tyler.

Leave!” Tyler shouted. “Now!” he sliced his sword at me again. “Why wont you leave.” he hit me again. “I don’t get it. Why wont you leave.” he finally looked up at me and shock filled his eyes.

Tyler?” I tried to say.

Did… did you say my name?” Tyler asked.

It’s me.” I tried to say. I lid on the floor so I was eye level with Tyler. The blade on my tail slid in so my tail was just like a lizards’ tail. I used my tail to pick up a picture of Tyler and me and I showed it to him. He dropped his sword.

What did they do to you?” Tyler said.

Nothing really.” I said.

Oh! Oh your leg. Are you okay? Oh my god I’m sorry.” Tyler said. He put his hand on my clawed hand and looked at my leg. “Well it’s not bleeding.” he said.

Can you turn back to normal?” Tyler asked. I sighed and put my head on the floor then pointed with my tail to a clock.

It takes time does it?” Tyler asked.

Yes.” I said.

Then I’ll wait with you.” Tyler said. He came over and sat in a chair next to me, then changed his mind and sat on the ground using my leg as a head rest.

     I woke up as a human and looked around. Tyler was curled up next to me and I couldn’t see anything else unusual. But something felt off. Sleep pulled me back under and my feeling of unease went away.

I woke again and I was cold. Considering the whole window was gone, which was like the whole wall, the wind whistled in.

Casey? Are you up?” Tyler asked sleepily.

Yeah I’m up. And normal again.” I said. Tyler rolled over then covered his eyes with a big smile.

I guess dragons don’t wear cloths.” Tyler said. I looked down at myself and almost died when I seen I had no cloths on.

I guess not.” I said.

Good thing you still have your cloths here.” Tyler said. “I’ll go get them.”

Thanks.” I said trying to cover as much as I could.

“Here’s your cloths.” Tyler said bringing my bag with his eyes closed.

No peeking.” I said snatching my bag and pulling my cloths on as quickly as I could.

Can I look now?” Tyler asked.

Yes.” I said. Tyler smiled then hugged me.

I thought you were gone.” Tyler said.

I’m fine Tyler. And so is your dad.” I said. He backed up with his hands still on my shoulders and looked at me.

He’s what?” Tyler said.

Your father is okay. He was like me. He turned into a dragon.” I said.

So why didn’t he come back like you did?” Tyler asked.

We’re not allowed to come back. We cant have any contact with our old lives. If he could come back he would.” I said.

How did you come back then?” Tyler asked.

I broke out of the dome and flew here.” I said.

Dome?” Tyler repeated.

I’ll tell you everything later. What does my mom think?” I asked.

I told her you were sick so you were staying here until you felt well enough to go home.” Tyler said.

And what did she say?” I asked.

She said and I quote ‘Sick? Okay have fun. Tell her I said get well and I hope it works out.’” Tyler said. I almost choked and Tyler looked at me with a questioning face.

That’s so not my mom. I think she was replaced by a robot.” I said.

I’m serious. That’s what she said and when I asked her what she meant she laughed and hung up.” Tyler said.

Yeah she doesn’t think I’m sick.” I said with a laugh. “But thank you for lying so she didn’t worry. She had a hard enough time when your father disappeared.”

I know. That’s why I lied. I was about to go looking for you but I feared the worst.” Tyler said.

I’m okay.” I said.

Are you sure? It felt like you died. I was so worried my feeling was right.” Tyler said.

I’m fine.” I said with my most convincing smile.

Good. Then welcome home.” Tyler said.

Well. The dragon that took me… he followed me back here. When he recovers he’ll come to get me.” I said.

Then we just get rid of him.” Tyler said.

I don’t think we can.” I said.

Why not? He may be a dragon but I can still hit him with my sword.” Tyler said.

No you cant. He can read minds. He’ll know when and where you’re going to strike.” I said.

Read minds?” Tyler repeated. “I’d ask how that was possible but he is a dragon.”

I am.” Jason said flying in the window. “And we are going now.”

I’m not going.” I said. He turned human and glared at me.

You going to electrocute me again?” Jason asked.

If you try anything.” I said.

Casey you cant stay here. You have to go back to drac món. We have to go now or they’ll come looking for us.” Jason said. A growl came from behind us. I turned to see Max.

I didn’t know Max growled.” I said.

That’s because he never had a reason.” Jason said. “He thinks his love and his children are in danger.”

His children?” Tyler and I said together.

Bella is about to have puppies.” Jason said. “In three, two, one.”

What?” Tyler said.

He’s reading Max’s mind.” I said. “Where’s Bella now?”

In her room.” Tyler said.

Your dog has its own room?” Jason said.

Not now Jason.” I said.

Why do you love the dog so much?” Jason asked.

What?” I asked.

You love her and you want to be with her now. You think she needs you.” Jason said.

I do. Now shut up and leave us alone.” I said running down the hall to Bella’s room.

“Hey pretty girl.” I said smoothing Bella’s fur down. “Look at the little cuties.”

Beautiful puppies Bella.” Tyler said.

She saved your life?” Jason said from the doorway.

Yes. She did.” I said.

You would have drown?” Jason said.

If your going to read my mind you don’t have to ask.” I said.

Why didn’t you save her Tyler? You were there.” Jason said. “Oh you cant swim.”

Stop reading our minds!” I shouted pinning Jason against the wall with my arm cutting off his breathing. “Now leave or I kick you out.”

I cant leave without you.” Jason said. “So why did you come here instead of going straight to your mom?”

Shut up.” I said.

I see. So what does your mom think happened to you?” Jason asked.

She thinks Casey is here because she’s sick and cant make it home.” Tyler said.

Ha. No she doesn’t. Casey how long have you known you mom wanted-” I cut Jason off by kicking him out of the room.

I knew for two years. She hasn’t shut up about it.” I said threw the closed door.

So are you going to-”

No!” I cut him off again.

What are you talking about?” Tyler asked.

Nothing.” I said.

Oh come on the boy deserves to know.” Jason said.

Don’t you dear.” I said.

Then come with me and I wont tell him.” Jason said.

Damn you. That’s blackmail.” I said.

And?” Jason said.

Fine. I’ll come.” I said.

What, no.” Tyler said. “You cant leave again.”

If I don’t go now they’ll only come again and again. I might not be able to keep them away much longer.” I said.

Then I’m going with you.” Tyler said.

No way.” Jason said. “No humans allowed.”

Then Casey stays here” Tyler said.

Are you sure I can’t tell him. I think it’s inevitable.” Jason said.

No it’s not.” I said. “I will not. Now leave.”

Ha. Yes you will. I can read both your minds.” Jason said. I choked, opened the door shocked Jason, then slammed the door in his face.

What are you talking about.” Tyler said. “Tell me.”

No.” I said.

Casey… tell me.” Tyler said. I could hear Jason laughing.

I could tell him.” Jason said.

Yes. Tell me.” Tyler said.

No!” I said.

For the past two years Casey’s mom wanted grandchildren. For the past year she’s been trying to get You and Casey together. On her birthday she sent Casey to your house all alone. When you said Casey was sick her mom thought-”

Enough!” I said interrupting Jason’s annoying mind read story.

She thought… and she… but you… why didn’t you tell me?” Tyler said.

Because it’s what my mom thought. I’m eighteen, I’m not having kids. I don’t care what she says.” I said. “I didn’t tell you cause I couldn’t.”

Oh did I start a fight. My bad.” Jason said.

Shut up!” I shouted at him. “You’re not helping!”

I wasn’t trying to help.” Jason said.

Shut up!” I yelled at him again. “Sorry I didn’t tell you but what was I supposed to say? And besides, I think eighteen is too young for children no matter what the city says.”

The city thinks all girls should have kids at seventeen? Weird.” Jason said. “Ha. You should hear the thoughts going through his head.”

Tyler? You who. You there?” I said waving my hand in front of his eyes.

Well that’s interesting.” Jason said. I went to the door, ripped it open, grabbed Jason’s shirtfront, shocked him, dragged him down the hall, and threw him out the broken window. He shifted to a dragon and flew before he hit the ground so I sighed and blocked the window with an electric wall I had no intention of making until it happened on it’s own.

     “Tyler?” I said seeing him still standing in the same spot. “Well now you know why I didn’t say anything. Hey Bella. You’re okay.” I sat beside Bella again and pet her.

You don’t care what she said about the kids thing but what about the other thing?” Tyler finally spoke.

Other thing?” I asked.

Yes Tyler.” Jason yelled threw the open window. “She does like you and you should hear her thoughts about when she was here alone with you. Apparently she was dieing to stay the night.” Jason laughed. I slammed the window shut, sat back down by Bella and avoided Tyler’s eyes.

You do?” Tyler said.

You heard the mind reader.” I said.

Then get rid of the mind reader and you can stay for the night. Then we can go see your mom.” Tyler said.

And pray she doesn’t ask questions. But if I could get rid of him he wouldn’t be here now would he.” I said.

Then we get out of here. Max and Bella know how to get threw the tunnels so we can use them. We can go to the cabin. No of us know where it is.” Tyler said.

Except the mind reader.” I said.

No he wont. I don’t know where it is. It’s in this map my father wrote. I’ve never looked at it before and we wont until the mind reader is gone.” Tyler said.

But now he knows where the tunnels are. He’s bound to find the right one eventually.” I said.

Nope. The tunnel location is in the map too. I don’t know where they are.” Tyler said.

Then we just need to get rid of Jason.” I said.

How do we do that?” Tyler asked.

I’ll handle it.” I said. “You get our things and a basket for the puppies.”

Alright.” Tyler said. “Hey… Be careful.”

I will.” I said running and jumping out the broken window. I was glad to know I could just think about turning into a dragon and I would, because if not I would have hit the ground from three stories up.

“Are we going now?” Jason asked.

No.” I said. “You are.”

Ha. No way. Not without you.” Jason said. I tackled him and the blade on my tail came out again. I slashed it at Jason and he started to bleed. Why didn’t I bleed? He clawed me and I bit back. We wrestled until I shocked him with all the electricity I could. It knocked him out and turned him human again. I picked him up and flew him a few miles away just in case he could read minds when he was unconscious. You never know.

     “Did you get rid of him?” Tyler asked when I flew back in the window. I changed back to a human, grabbing a blanket to cover myself, and smiled.

I knocked him out and left him a few miles from here.” I said.

Good. I got our cloths put together and some blankets and extra food in case there’s none at the cabin.” Tyler said.

So where is the tunnel?” I asked putting my cloths on.

Lets find out.” Tyler said taking out the map.

That’s weird its under the spare bed I sleep on.” I said.

Well its not weird that you didn’t see it unless you sleep under the bed.” Tyler said taking our bags to the secret tunnel passage.

No I mean it’s weird that it’s under that bed and not your dad’s or something.” I said.

I guess so. Maybe it would only reach this room or something.” Tyler said opening the door for us. “Lets move the bed.”

How far do you think the cabin is?” I asked. “Bella might not be up for a long walk.”

I know it’s not going to be around the corner.” Tyler said. “But it cant be too far.”

The dog’s are not going to be able to climb down a ladder.” I said when we opened the secret hatch. “So how do we get them down?”

I don’t know. Well…” Tyler looked at me.

You go down first. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll lower them down to you.” I said.

When he was gone I took my cloths off and threw them into my bag then I shifted into a dragon. Bella and Max didn’t even look at me funny. To them I was still the same person.

Alright!” Tyler called up, his voice echoing. I wrapped my tail securely around Max and lowered him down into the darkness. “Got him!”

Alright. Bella’s next.” I said forgetting Tyler couldn’t understand me. I lowered her and then her puppies before shifting human, getting dressed, and climbing down the ladder.

Did you bring a flashlight?” I asked as I got dressed.

No.” Tyler said with his back to me as he peered into the darkness. “Hey a torch.” he pulled an old fashion torch off the wall and showed it to me. I rubbed my fingers together and sparks lit the torch on fire.

Now that’s cool.” Tyler said.

Lets get moving.” I said.

     “How far now?” I asked as we neared another fork in the tunnels.

About three meters and take a right.” he said consulting the map.

Stop!” I shouted, blocking his path with my arm. He looked down and stepped back. We were on the edge of a giant underground canyon.

Can you see the bottom?” Tyler asked.

No.” I said. “You?”


Well. It’s big enough for me to fly in.” I said. “But we need something for the dogs to sit in. I could… carry them in some sort of big basket.”

I don’t understand. The map says its this way. If we were supposed to get there then we wouldn’t need wings to get across.” Tyler said.

Look, there.” I said pointing across the canyon. “Some sort of metal basket on a zip line.”

How do we get it back over here?” Tyler asked.

That crank thing I’m guessing.” I said pointing to a weird mechanism on the wall next to us.

This looks prehistoric.” Tyler said grasping the rusty handle.

Lets hope it holds up on the way over.” I said. “I’ll go over first by myself. To make sure its safe.”

You sure?” he asked.

If it falls I can fly back up.” I said.

Alright.” he said. The basket swayed as Tyler wheeled it over to us.

When the basket finally got to our side I hoped in and pulled a handle that was in the basket. It released me from that side and brought me over to the other side in seconds. The same crank mechanism was on this side so I helped Tyler send the basket back over for them.

     Once on the other side of the canyon we took another look at the map.

It should be just up ahead.” Tyler said. We passed dozens of branch offs but we continued straight. Eventually the tunnel started to become an incline. A few more minutes of walking and we came up to a hatch that opened out into a grassy field. I looked behind us and seen the old log cabin.

We made it.” I said. Bella and Max ran toward the cabin and Tyler and I brought the puppies in.

I haven’t been here in years.” Tyler said as he stood on the porch.

It looks the same.” I said opening the door. “Though I think I prefer being drove here while we slept in the back of the van.”

Me too.” I said. “Hey did your father ever tell you why he made this secret tunnel to the cabin?”

Not really. He said it was for emergency escapes and not to look at the map unless we needed to.” Tyler told me.

Good thing we didn’t or Jason would have been able to follow us.”

So what happened exactly?” he asked as we sat to the old wooden table in the cabin.

Well… he flew me to some floating mountain he called the dragon world. I fainted for awhile and when I woke up some lady said something about me stopping some kind of war or something I didn’t really ask what she meant. But then they put me in a dome where I turned into a dragon. Then I broke out and flew to you.” I told him.

It’s been three days.” he said.

I told you I fainted.” I said as I watched Bella curl up with her puppies. Max stood on guard by her side.

So you said my dad was there.”

I asked Jason if he knew your dad and he said he did. And the way he disappeared is apparently how it works for everyone they take.” I explained.

Then what about my mom? I know she died but it was on the same day.” he said.

That’s because she seen me.”

Tyler and I both turned slowly to the door of the cabin to see a man with gray hair smiling sadly at us.


Chapter 3

(Comming Soon)

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