I’m not a professional photographer in any way, in fact I don’t even own a camera. I do however love taking pictures on my phone. Usually I end up taking pictures of how cute my dog is lying or how nice the sun looks as it beams down on a certain part of the lake that I can just see threw the trees
I love pictures because you can see a time you were never in or a time you can no longer remember. I wish my family had taken more photos because I hardly have any of my young self and I wish I did because I have a horrible memory. Due to my bad memory I started taking pictures of every important moment in my life, or every scene I didn’t want to forget I saw.
I also like going on the less traveled path and I don’t mean that metaphorically I mean it literately. When you go on strange trails you’ve never been on you end up seeing amazing things you normally wouldn’t have. I found a natural tree archway out in the woods near the park. It’s probably nothing to most people but I thought it looked amazing.
I don’t have any photography skills per say but I like pretending I know what perspective would look cool. Not that lying on the ground with my phone is some crazy un thought of perspective but it makes me feel better about my limited picture taking skills.
I also love trying to take pictures with the sun in them. Sometimes it looks really cool but other times it turns out to be a big bright blob.
Sometimes I try to get my dog Bella to pose for pictures because I seen her look a certain way or stand in a certain spot and I want a picture of it. Unfortunately she never quite reenacts it the same.
Then you have those pictures you think will look just as amazing as your eyes are seeing the moment but when you look at the picture it looks nothing alike.
Then we have the selfie. What is so amazing about taking a picture of half of yourself at a terrible angle in a bathroom making some dumb duck face and showing off your boobs. I personally hate selfies but have started taking ones of me doing important or fun things that I want to remember myself doing and not just have pictures of the place.
And one more picture of my dog just because she is adorable and I love taking pictures of her. Some lame advice from a person who can barely manage to take an un blurry photo, take pictures of things you never want to forget. Weather that’s you standing in a bathroom making dumb faces or you skydiving over a volcano with your friends. Then when your memory goes you can look back on your pictures and see how amazing your life was. Also, don’t take any pictures you might regret in a years time. The last thing you want to do is look back on old photos with your young kids and see one of yourself wasted at a party with nothing but your underwear on. Enjoy life and capture the best moments so you never forget them.

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